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Second edition

Buenos Aires made easy! 2018:
Travel guide for students,
short term renters and first
time visitors. by Alfredo Candal.

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About us

At DiscoverBA.com, we are focused on offering clean, upscale apartments in convenient locations, at reasonable prices! We want our guests to really enjoy their stays while they Discover the charms of Buenos Aires.  Our well equipped apartments provide convenient access to transportation, grocery stores, laundry services, restaurants, cafes, bars, and shopping.  Each apartment has a guidebook with apartment-specific instructions. When we check you in, we will make sure you have your WiFi connected, know how to use the Cable TV, air conditioner,  how to program the safe, and where to go for groceries, laundry, and where to change money.  We can also help you set up a convenient airport transfer. Just contact us about it.

We work very closely with Airbnb and Alfredo is currently a Superhost on Airbnb. When you book an apartment on our website, some apartments will take you to our listing on Airbnb directly to complete the booking.  Other apartments on our site are not currently offered on Airbnb, and are only available for rental by cash.  If you prefer to work with us directly rather than via Airbnb, just contact us to coordinate booking and payment details.

Our story

DiscoverBA.com was established in 2006 by Alfredo Candal and his wife, Valeria, as a unit of HomeCall International Communications Inc. , (A Connecticut, USA Corporation). We started out by choosing the best part of BA, Recoleta, and bought some apartments to renovate there. Family and friends soon also purchased apartments, and gave them to us to manage on their behalf. Soon we came to manage several apartments in different neighborhoods of BA including trendy Palermo. We have also made arrangements with local agencies to provide airport transferscity tours, and activities for our guests, and are focused on one basic tenet:  Taking advantage of our multi-cultural experience in treating our visitors as well as we can, while providing them a very highly personalized service.  The other rule:  we only work with apartments in which we ourselves would feel comfortable staying.

In 2011 Alfredo published an ebook guide on Amazon.com called “Buenos Aires Made Easy!” It is full of tips for visitors. In 2018 he followed up with an updated version, and new editions will likely be published in upcoming years.