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Buenos Aires Bike Tour to Tigre

Our cycling tour starts from the meeting point near Plaza San Martin to the Retiro train station. During our 25-minute train ride we will go past the Palermo woods, the racecourse, the airport and the presidential residence in Olivos.
We ́ll get off the train at a residential neighborhood in the northern Greater Buenos Aires Area from where we will cycle along near the Tren de la Costa tracks and bordering the Rio de la Plata up to the town of Tigre, making stops to see the best panoramic views of the city of Buenos Aires in the distance, contrasting greatly with the immensity of the river.
In the historical quarter of San Isidro, a colonial town along the way, we ́ll try the traditional “Mate”, to comemorate de guaraní indians who first inhabited these lands. You ́ll also visit a Nature reserve to have a first contact with the local flora and fauna.
Once we reach Tigre we will take a visit to the Puerto de Frutos (market and handcraft fair), and go sightseeing around other points of interest: the Casino, the Parque de la Costa. We will then cycle along Paseo Victoria, which borders the Luján River, up to the old Tigre Club.
You ́ll ride along islands which have been built up by the sediments carried down by the Paraná River all the way from Brasil’s Mato Grosso, and see plenty of typical plant species, as well as witnessing how people live in this particular delta.
We go back to Retiro Train Station by train.

A stop will be made either at the fruit port or water station where bikers can optionally purchase a lunch or something to drink, neither of which is included in the price of the tour.

USD 48 per person cash only

Pick up time:
Near Plaza San Martin

Daily at 9:00 AM

Duration: 6 hours


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